Designing a better name badge has printed hundreds of thousands of badges over the years and would like to share a few thoughts on how to optimise your conference name badge. 

When designing the information on the badge...

  • The attendee's name should be in a large font and readable from a good distance (we say around 6 feet) so that you don't have to squint awkwardly at people's chests. 

  • The clearer the font, the better. The person's name being larger and in bold helps to make it stand out from the rest of the text. Please click here to view our recommended fonts.
  • The title of the conference and logo should be included but should not dominate the badge. Everyone knows which event they're at, so the person's name should take priority. (Think about what information the wearer would like to see and what information others need to see).

  • Always remember to leave enough space for longer names on your badges.

  • Adding attendee categories such as 'Delegate,' 'Speaker,' etc. is a good way to differentiate between your attendees at a glance. 

  • Don't neglect the reverse side. If the badge is going on a lanyard, consider printing names on both sides. an agenda, a map or emergency contact details really adds to the usefulness of your badge.

  • Printing barcodes on your badges is a simple and effective way to track attendance or for exhibitors to capture who's visited their stand. (We can help you with this - check out our onsite services).

Here is an example of a well laid-out badge. If you are using lanyards, you could print the agenda upside down which would be the right way up when the person wearing it looks at it.

In some cases, the size of the name will need to be reduced to fit the width of the badge or you can allow it to automatically flow on to the line below but be sure that this will not overlap the other information on the badge. 

  • Other ideas that could enhance the information on your name badges are photos, flags, holograms, social network icons/URLs, however, be careful not to overcrowd the badge - it is after all a name badge and not a business card.


If all of the above is just too much to deal with then we're here to help. We can set-up a basic badge template for you from as little as £30 and if you want something a little more fancy then we have a range of artwork services to suit your requirements.


How the badge is worn...

  • The combined clip and pin (which comes free with our badge printing service) is the most popular choice as your attendees can use the clip or the pin option depending on what they are wearing. It also means that the badge can be worn at a good visible position.
  • Alternatively, magnetic clips are even kinder to clothes, or you might want to opt for strap clips which work well on lapels and heavier clothing.
  • A lanyard is a good place to promote your event brand, or you can generate a healthy income for your event by selling the space to sponsors. Information on branded lanyards.

  • Alternatively, you could use different coloured lanyards to differentiate between your attendees.                 


We can also produce bespoke size and style badge holders, printed inserts and double ended lanyards as shown in the image below. Please give us a call on 0800 082 1448 to discuss your requirements.

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