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Name badge printing

Onsite badge printingBadge printers and laptop with badge printing software can be hired for onsite use, with or without onsite support from us. Conference Badges has developed a system for rapid retrieval of delegate data and instant printing of badges. This is a great solution purpose-built for any unexpected attendees that need to be registered at the event and puts an end to long queues at the registration desk.

QR code scanning with ScanX

ScanX is a QR code scanning system. It reads barcodes and QR codes from the event badge, e-ticket or event app, which it can then either store or use to look up and display data, such as whether a ticket has already been used, or if the attendee is eligible to enter a session.

Wireless barcode scanners can be hired for tracking attendee attendance the event and for breakout sessions.

Each barcode scanner uses flash memory, which is stable and, unlike some systems, does not require constant power to hold scans in memory, so even if the battery runs out your data is still safe. Each scanner can operate for days on a full charge and has enough onboard memory to store 100000 scans between downloads. Scanners can also be hired to exhibitors, providing a potential extra revenue stream to organisers.Once a badge is scanned, the device stores it for later download. A report is produced and emailed to you to forward to your exhibitor.

An exhibitor lead capture app is another great way to capture who has visited your exhibitors' stands. Using the exhibitor's own phone, the app makes use of the camera to read QR codes from the badge and identify attendees. The exhibitor can then add data to the lead data, such as notes, potential spend and urgency of follow-up, which are accessible in real time from our web portal.

Managed services

By combining our scanners with a tablet and our purpose-built application, we can also provide real time data for monitoring attendance numbers, breakout session capacity management, send SMS or email alerts as VIPs arrive, and more.

The tablet receives data from the barcode scanner, stores it, and compares it with data on the server or in its own memory. It can be used to display data about delegates as they’re scanned.

The tablet transmits and receives data from the server so you have a back up of your data and can get real-time attendance data. If no wireless signal is available when the barcode is scanned, the tablet stores data locally and will transmit its data as soon as a wireless signal becomes available.

Each tablet keeps its own copy of the database and works independently of the server, so if the server is temporarily unavailable delegates can still be scanned. As soon as the server connection is restored the tablet would transmit the data it collected while offline.

ScanX is:

  • Simple to use
  • Flexible, as it can be used for a variety of applications
  • Portable. It’s handheld, and doesn't rely on mains power.
  • Robust. It can back-up data as it’s captured.
  • Scalable. You can use it for small events with just one scanner, or larger events with many scanners.
  • Non-invasive. There is no need for your delegate to remove their badge for it to be scanned, nor does the scanner need to swipe the badge from any closer than 30cm.

You may have a use in mind for ScanX that we haven’t considered yet. To learn more please call or email us.


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