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If you work in automotive industry events you’ve probably at some point orchestrated some form of drive experience for your attendees. This presents a series of challenges;

  1. If your attendees are taking the vehicles on public roads then you have a duty to record who was driving the vehicle at any point for the DVLA, e.g. if the vehicle is caught speeding by a speed camera.
  2. You may need to know who drove each vehicle from a follow-up perspective, e.g. to make sales efforts more targeted, or seek feedback about particular vehicles.
  3. You may also have a limited number of vehicles and need to instigate a waitlist system when drivers can request to drive specific vehicles when they’re returned.

Conference Badges has been involved in a large number of drive events, supplying systems to meet some or all of the above challenges, depending on the requirements of the client.

All of our driver logging systems use a 2D barcode (like a QR code) printed on either a vehicle key tag or placed in a windscreen pouch within the vehicle. Each attendee is issued with a name badge which has a personal 2D barcode printed on it.

Each of the systems we offer allows the event admin staff to scan the driver and vehicle barcodes. This forms an association between the two, and a timestamp when the vehicle is taken out on the track or road which forms a record in a report of who was driving when. The report can be exported to Excel for follow-up activity and to allow you to report to the DVLA which driver was in the vehicle, in the case of a driving offence being committed while the vehicle was in their care.

There are three systems on offer:

  1. Laptop system. Typically based on a registration desk near the vehicle parking area. A 2D barcode scanner is connected to the laptop to scan drivers, passengers and vehicle key tags, and a printer can be connected to allow printing of name badges and key tags. This is our most feature-rich system and includes a waitlist function.
  2. An app-based system for Apple iPhone. Currently in late stages of development, this app allows users to scan drivers, passengers and vehicle key tags or windscreen tags at the point of collection. Data is synchronised with a server, but the app will still work when offline.
  3. A scanner-only system. The scanner simply records the 2D barcodes scanned in its own memory. The data is downloaded when the scanner is near a laptop, and reports can be generated and exported to Excel. This is the lowest priced system but maintains portability.

For more information about our driver logging systems please contact an account manager at Conference Badges, who will be happy to recommend the appropriate system for your requirement.


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