ID Card Printer Ribbon Shredder


The world's first ribbon shredder!

Now GDPR is upon us, companies have a responsibility to securely dispose of personal data. This includes data that is on printed media.

One type of media you may not have considered is your card ribbons. If you have an ID card printer, the ribbon will leave negative imprints on the ribbon, which if not disposed of correctly could lead to personal data being visible to anyone who gains access to it.

The IDP Smart BIT Ribbon Shredder securely shreds your used ID card printer ribbons. Using twisted micro-cut technology, the Smart BIT Ribbon Shredder shreds the ribbon into tiny unrecognisable particles.

Don't be tempted to try and shred your ribbons with traditional paper shredders. The ribbon can easily get wrapped around the shredder's rotors, leading to jams which may not be possible to clear. The Smart BIT ribbon shredder uses a unique feed mechanism to prevent the rotors becoming jammed.

Works with ribbons from virtually any ID card printer. You can put your ribbon spool on the tray and leave the shredder to wind the ribbon off the spool and shred it.

Product Specs

Dimensions 23 × 36 × 37cm
Max ribbon width 900mm
Shredding speed 15 metres/minute
Weight 7kg

Prices (ex. VAT)

1 to 2 - £495.00
3 or more - £480.00


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