Hand sanitiser gel sachets (packs of 100)


Alcohol gel sachets are the convenient way to cleanse hands and prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Sachets offer several major benefits that larger pumps and dispensers can't:

  • They can be easily carried with you and mean you're not restricted to only sanitising your hands when at a designated point. Visitors can sanitise their hands after any contact, e.g. if they unintentionally shook hands with another visitor.
  • Alcohol gel sachets help your visitors and staff stay safe even after they leave your building, e.g. on public transport while returning home.
  • No cross-contamination from touching pump.
  • Sachets are easy to spread out and distribute, without causing queues and crowding which would add to contagion risk.
  • Sanitiser pumps are normally several pounds each, and if stolen they not only have a cost but also restrict other visitors from being able to access sanitiser, whereas distribution of sachets can be tightly controlled to mitigate petty theft.

Ideal for outdoor events where there is limited access to running water.

These sachets contain 70% alcohol by volume, providing high sanitisation against viruses and bacteria (99.9%).

Product Specs

Gel per sachet 2ml
Size 6 x 8cm
Skin types All

Prices (ex. VAT)

Per pack of 100

1 to 9 - £17.50
10 to 19 - £16.90
20 to 49 - £16.25
50 or more - £14.90


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