Foam Badge Trays


These trays are exclusive to Conference Badges, and make it easy to transport, store and display any size of badge with or without clips attached.

  • The trays are made from a special high density foam that holds badges securely in place. The foam grips the badges, so they'll stay in place even if the tray is turned upside down.
  • Each tray is made with 14 slots each 430mm long, and so can hold up to 56 credit card sized badges.
  • The lightweight trays can easily be stacked and transported to and from your events. Just place them on your registration desk on arrival, and you're ready to go!
  • Angled slots mean badges tilt upwards, allowing you to easily read the attendee names.
  • A to Z cards are a great addition to helping categorise your badges once they are on display. (These can be purchased separately).
  • The trays are sold individually or are included with the  Badge Box or Badge Bag.

We believe these foam badge trays are the best product on the market for transporting, storing and displaying your badges.


Are these trays suitable for my badges?
The trays will accommodate most types of badges, including our credit-card style, EcoBadge, Premier Badge and with virtually any flexible / soft badge holders. They're not suitable for use with most rigid badge holders, due to the extra thickness of the holder. If you're unsure, please contact us before purchasing.

How many badges can I fit in each tray?
The slots are open-ended to enable any width of badge to be inserted. This means for badges 105mm or less you will get 56 badges in each tray. For over 106-140mm you can expect to fit 42 badges per tray.

If your badge is A6, and so around 108mm wide, you can get 56 badges in each tray but the badges will need to be inserted 'shoulder to shoulder' and will sit slightly proud of the sides of the tray. We would recommend allowing for 42 badges per tray.

Don't forget to allow for A-Z cards in your calculations, and leave some slots free for late badge additions.

Are the badge trays easy to load with badges?
We load badges into these trays every day with ease. There is a technique to make it easy though - just bend the tray slightly as you load them, which opens up the slots. Then when you sit the tray on a table the slots will close and grip the badges.

Product Specs

Individual tray
Height 20mm
Length 300mm
Width 430mm

Prices (ex. VAT)

1 to 20 - £14.95
21 or more - £12.25


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