Onsite Trouble Shooting

Connecting the printer to the laptop

The printer must be connected to the laptop and powered before the laptop is turned on. This must be done each time the laptop is turned on.

It is important that you only use the USB port labelled ‘P’ on the laptop. Using any other port will cause Windows to create a new copy of the printer driver. If this happens you will need to set the new copy of the driver as the default printer and re-set all printing preferences.

Changing printing preferences

In order to change the printing preferences permanently you will need to login as the administrator on the computer. If you have hired the equipment from us then this should have been set up for you.

When changing print setting please check that the correct ribbon has been loaded in to the printer. If the ribbon is incorrect then the printer will not print.

Using the printer

When you want to print a badge, place the badge into the printing track at the rear of the printer (or the badges may have been loaded in feeder for you) Once print is pressed on the laptop, the card will be drawn into the printer. If it isn’t, and the printer is making a noise, gently push the badge further into the printer.

In the unlikely event that the ribbon snaps, this can be taped together and wound on, or a spare is provided.  Ribbons are loaded with the unused ribbon at the back, with the ribbon over the top of the reels.

When opening the printer please be careful not to touch the print head (which is indicated by the yellow warning symbol). Please close the cover gently.

Cleaning the printer

If you are experiencing streaky or blurred prints this may be because the ribbon is still adjusting or the printer needs to be cleaned. (The printers normally require a clean every 1000 cards.  An amber LED will light up on the printer to indicate this.)

The first step is to simply continue to print badges onto test cards until the print comes out crisp (try about 10 cards.) If this does not work then please use the alcoholic cleaning cards supplied to clean the printer.

To use the alcoholic cleaning cards you must remove the ribbon from the printer. Please close the printer lid once the ribbon has been removed. Place the cleaning card on the print track and hold the power button on the printer. The cleaning card should be drawn in automatically. Once cleaned the card will be ejected to the output hopper. Please allow the printer to dry for a few minutes before replacing the ribbon.

If you require any further assistance then please contact us by telephone on 0800 081 1448 or 020 8334 2222. Our office opening hours are 9.00am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. Our out of office emergency telephone number is printed on the instruction sheet packed with the laptop.

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