How To Supply Your Files

Supplying artwork

What we can accept

For the artwork we accept photoshop CS2, Adobe Illustrator CS2, Adobe PDF (saved as .eps or .jpeg) - We also accept any files from the above applications which are created in earlier versions to the ones listed.

Download PDF Template

If you need barcodes on your badges please follow the rule below.

Need help with your design?

We can provide you with a full design service including advice, ideas and layout. Supply us with the details you wish to print, and any logos or photographs required, and we will do the rest. (Depending on your design requirements our artwork cost can range between £30 - £69)


Supplying Data – Please use our Excel template.

What we can accept

For all name and details to be printed on your badges, please supply in an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file with titled fields. All names and details will be printed as shown in your Excel file. Please double check all spelling and upper and lower case has been used correctly. First names should be in a separate column to last names, so that we can print your names in last name order.

Download Excel Data Template


Things you need to be aware of!

  • Files - When sending your finished artwork file, please also supply all fonts (both printer and screen), graphics and logos as separate outlined files. If we are missing any fonts, substitute fonts may be used which could affect the layout of the document.
  • File formats - Supplying the job in vector format (Illustrator EPS or AI files) will produce the best results. All images whether RGB or CMYK should be sent at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi at 100%. Low-resolution images can give poor quality results.
  • Font size - For readability we recommend for all text size especially delegate names to be a minimum font size of 16pt. Please allow enough space for longer names to run on to the next line. In cases where this is not possible we will automatically shrink the text size to fit.
  • Colour matching - Unless your order is for litho printed badges then we digitally print all badges in either a single mono-colour or full CMYK. All pantone colours will be converted to CMYK. This may result in small colour variances. Digital printing provides a close colour match, but will not produce an exact Pantone match. If you need an exact Pantone match then you should request a litho print.
  • Slot punching - If you require a slot punched along the top edge of your badge then please keep a minimum space of 7mm for the top edge.
  • Sorting - We will always organise your badges alphabetically by the delegates last name then first name. Please let us know if you require otherwise.
  • Capitalisation of name - If you want your names printed in 'Proper Case' but all your data is in 'UPPER CASE', we can automatically correct the capitalisation for your delegate names for you. However, company names, job titles etc need manual correction. We can offer this as a service but it adds to the cost and could hold up your job, and there may be some company names where it is not clear how to recaptialise them.

Once you are ready - Please email your files to [email protected], specifying the quantity, attachment required and date required.


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