RFID Attendance Tracking System from Conference Badges

Conference Badges have developed an innovative system for tracking attendance for training programmes, event builds, or where a 'pop-up' solution is required to monitor attendance, absenteeism and lateness.

The system was developed for an annual graduate training programme with approximately one thousand attendees for a financial services orgnanisation, and has been employed on that programme for six consecutive years, with refinements and improvements to the system each year.

Each graduate is issued with a badge that has an embedded RFID chip, similar to an Oyster card but worn on a lanyard. RFID readers are connected to laptops at each entry point, where the graduates check in each day.

Benefits and features include;

  • Extremely quick, scalable check-in system allows hundreds of entries to be recorded per minute by simply touching in the contactless card / name badge
  • Portable architecture allows set up in any location, or multiple locations
  • Can operate offline, but sends data to central server when online for real-time reporting across different locations
  • Allows for an infinite number of attendance rotas, e.g. IT trainees are expected at 9am on Mondays, but 8:30am on Tuesdays, whereas Accountancy trainees are expected at 8:45am on all days.
  • Central online reporting using intuitive traffic-light colours for on-time, late or absent. See quickly who's not arrived today, or who has the worst lateness record across the programme
  • Record 'excused absence' or 'excused lateness' for an individual where they have provided a reason, which is recorded separately to unexcused lateness or absence
  • Manually record attendance for attendees who have forgotten their name badge
  • Identify when a badge has been revoked so admittance can be refused
  • Incorporates a badge printing function for issuing new and reprinted badges
  • Can use RFID badges or badges printed with a 2D barcode / QR code

There are other purposes the system could be employed for, including large event builds where employees, contractors and venue staff need to be tracked so it can be reported who was in the building at a given moment.

For more information contact a Conference Badges account manager.

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